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food Italian high quality extra-virgin oil: biological and biodynamic
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GC Worldwide Trading can supply high quality 100% Italian extra-virgin olive oil.
We have 2 kinds of Olive oils:
  • High end extra-virgin olive oil: this oil is reserved for 4 and 5 stars Hotels and Restaurants, it has many excellent chemical properties which makes this oil suitable for babies and elder people and has won many awards.
  • High quality extra-virgin olive oil: this oil is of a very high quality, made exclusively with Italian Olives and it's reserved for high-end shops. It has won many awards.
High-end extra-virgin olive oil
This oil is suitable for 4 and 5 stars Hotel and Restaurants
Grand Cru and Ultra-premium Oils Extra Virgin Olive Oil used by a large number of famous Michelin-starred Chef and Gault-Millau and some of the best and most prestigious hotels in the world!
These Extra Virgin Olive Oils are unfiltered, produced with innovative methods that exceed the traditional method of pressing, in order to preserve the organoleptic properties and original aroma of olives, no sediment or debris, sensational for their flavor due to the influence of the sea.
This is a DOP 100% organic, made from olives grown in the respect of the balance between agriculture and the environment.
The oil is 100% Italian and the main feature that makes this oil exclusive and of very high quality is the chemical composition:
  • alchil esteri
  • biophenols
  • oil is made by olives from trees in an Italian Natural Reserve
  1. Oil 1
    - made only from ONE kind of olives (Gentile di Chieti 100%) and therefore it is a LIMITED edition only 2500 bottles / year
    Cultivar: Gentile di Chieti (100%)
    Fruity: Vigorous
    Taste: Balanced. Retroolfatto with artichoke and almond. The taste is initially mild, with pleasant notes of spicy and bitter intensive
    Storage: Storage of stainless steel under inert nitrogen
    Quality Control Oil: production subject to disciplinary control of internal quality
    SUGGESTION OF USE: soups vegetables, boiled, cheese, seafood, oysters. Ideal on the tastes pronounced and specific preparations such as pesto sauce. Perfect with ice cream with raspberries.
  2. Oil 2 D.O.P.:
    - made from 3 kind of olives, 11'000 bottles / year
    Cultivar: Gentile di Chieti (max 40%), Leccino (not less than 30%), Moraiolo (15%) and Nebbio of Chieti (15%)
    FRUITY: Medium
    TASTE: Great freshness with notes of freshly cut grass and hints of almond, artichoke and green banana. The taste is initially mild, with pleasant notes of bitter and spicy medium intensity.
    STORAGE: Storage of stainless steel under inert nitrogen
    QUALITY CONTROL OIL: production subject to disciplinary control DOP Colline Teatine
    SUGGESTION OF USE: Perfect with boiled vegetables, grilled meats and salads, red meat, grilled roast and boiled, pasta and sauces.
  3. Oil 3:
    - made from ONE kind of olives (Ascolana tenera), also LIMITED EDITION only 1500 bottles / year Cultivar: Tender Ascolana (100%)
    Fruity: Light
    Taste: Floral notes with hints of tomato leaves, fresh almonds and pine nuts
    Storage: Storage of stainless steel under inert nitrogen
    Quality Control Oil: Production subject to disciplinary control of internal quality
    SUGGESTION OF USE: Ideal with fish, shellfish, pastry, pasta, white meats and salads sweet, fresh cheese, blue cheese, goat cheese, ricotta. For all dishes with subtle flavors.
  4. All oils are rich in Vitamin E, Oleic Acid and Polyphenols therefore they are suitable for babies, children and elder people.
Bottles are exclusively in 500ml format:

High quality extra-virgin olive oil

Oil produced in Abruzzi region of very high quality: the attention given to the quality of this extra virgin olive oil is evident even in the choice of bottles used, all in dark coloured glass and with an insert in the bottle-top to facilitate dosing the oil.
The choice of dark glass is indispensable to guarantee the long life of the oil and the special insert ensures smooth, drip-free pouring. The shape of the bottle is simple yet elegant.
Oil 1 Oil 2 Oil 3
  1. Quality How? Only through particular care of the trees and fruits and the use of avant-garde, non-invasive extraction methods. In this way the expert producer can extract by natural, mechanical means all the taste and health-promoting characteristics which are unique to olives and are not found in other fruits.
  2. Quality Where? It has been demonstrated that all the sensorial and nutritional goodness of a high quality extra virgin olive oil is found in the 2% composed of over 200 naturally occurring antioxidant chemical compounds. These are present in appreciable quantities (over 300 mg/l) only in SUPERIOR QUALITY products.
  3. Quality Why? Because all of those compounds that represent the real 'plus' point of quality extra virgin olive oil can store energy from the sun in such a way as to render them biologically active. This is to say that they can help to protect our bodies against ageing, cancer, cardiovascular diseases (by reducing 'bad' cholesterol) and liver, stomach and intestinal problems.
  4. Quality When? Always. Especially at the table, when we do not wish to talk about illnesses but rather to enjoy taste experiences, aware nonetheless that the BITTERNESS and TANG mean polyphenols (antioxidants) and therefore health. And if the tasting takes care of the body, the aroma is therapeutic for the spirit, helping us to fully enjoy the whole experience of healthy, tasty eating. Ours is therefore a 'holistic' product, for the whole person body, mind and spirit and in a holistic way it provides for both health and taste requirements.

Awards and recognitions 2013:
  • "Guida Terre d'Olio 2013": Oil 1 is judged the "Corona Maestro d'olio 2013".
  • "SOL D'ORO VERONA" international competition: Oil 1 monocultivar is awarded a Special Mention.
  • "OLIO CAPITALE TRIESTE" 2013 competition: Distinction for Oil 1.
  • Montiferru duamiladodici: 1st classified in the Pluricultivar section
  • Guida Oli d'Italia 2012 by Gambero Rosso: Special Award as Best Company, and "3 foglie" award for their oils

Bottle formats:
  • Oil 1: 500ml dark bottle and 125ml dark bottle
  • Oil 2 and 3: 500ml dark bottle only

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